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19 December, 2018

Case Study

Crystal Jubilee – a sweet method to succeed

The Cultural and Congress Centre Jordanki is an ideal place for celebration of company jubilees. The elegant and original interior of the Centre smartens organization of prestigious events.  It is clear that the event of this rank requires absolutely unique setting. When planning it, it is worth to remember about the possibilities offered by modern technologies. An inspiring example of their use was the gala  to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of foundation of the Polish sugar manufacturing company.

This event was organized by the agency Futura Media sp. z o.o., which has pursued its creative activity for several years, among others, on the area of non-standard marketing communication and organization of various kinds of events. Its long-term experience in creation of original solutions could be seen during planning and realization of the jubilee of Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa. The agency also suggested to the client that that the common denominator of all arrangements should be a crystal of sugar. After all, it is well know that the fifteenth anniversary is the crystal one.

The cohesive concept of decorations allowed us to achieve the impressive visual effect. The company colours and references to the shape of crystals were visible in every used space. The building facade was illuminated in white and blue. Rays of the lamps Space Cannon illuminated the sky above the building. An external Gobo projector presented the company logo above the entrance. Welcome drink in the foyer was accompanied by an attractive installation with the 3D projection on steam. Everything looked elegant and welcoming, and this was just the beginning.

In the Concert Hall on the extended proscenium and on a part of the stage four large illuminated geometrical forms were placed, referring to a crystal in its shape. Whiteness of decorations of the stage corresponded to the most important product of the client. The entire stage window was covered with a screen, where films were presented, prepared for the jubilee of the company. Thanks to the perfect equipment of the Cultural and Congress Centre Jordanki, it was possible to complete this exceptional arrangement with light. The walls of the Concert Hall and the area of the stage were filled with moving, crystal-like shapes.  This effect was obtained thanks to using the device  Vari Lite VL 4000 Spot. The ceremony also included a concert, animation shows and the theatre of shadows, made with… sugar.

A banquet part was planned in the Chamber Hall. After dismantling of the auditorium and one of the two mobile walls (separating the Concert Hall from the Chamber Hall), it was possible to invite 500 guests inside. Transition to this stage of execution would not be complete without a surprise for participants. The installation forming a shadowed corridor was put up in the double door leading to the chamber hall. The next 3D projection was presented for the guests in this mysterious tunnel. Also the banquet was filled with attractions, among others, a live culinary show or appearance of a spectacular, jubilee cake.

A part of technologies used during this event was delivered by subcontractors, with whom the organizer cooperated on numerous occasions. The company Leia Display System ensured 3D technology. The company Alpha Vision, dealing in, among others, servicing of events, supply of interactive systems, highly advanced in terms of technology, took care of the complex multi-media service, and was responsible for, among others, the external  looks of the building, as well as films and animated materials. All the teams we cooperated with appreciated the fact that the Centre offers extensive selection of equipment. This fact allowed to substantially limit the logistic costs and the necessity of external additional equipment.

One more time, we had the opportunity to coordinate a very important event, which covered almost the entire facility in its scope. This daring project made us aware not only of numerous possibilities offered by our multi-functional, modular and well-equipped Centre. We also learned that there is the entire universe of creative possibilities and tools for resourceful event managers, that only wait to be used to offer us unforgettable experience.

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