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Room specification

Audience size 287 seats
Area for ​​the audience 215 m2
Stage size 125 m2


3D cinema equip.
Multimedia projectors
air conditioning
Wireless microphones

Chamber Hall

The Chamber Hall occupies most of the space of the second module of the building. This is the place for multi-functional applications, with an auditorium holding 287 seats for spectators and the acoustic parameters suitable for realization of chamber music concerts, conferences, cinema and multimedia projections. Similarly as in the concert hall, the auditorium is mobile – its dismantling is possible, allowing for organization of “flat-floor” events. The hall has the top-quality stage technology and cinema technology with Dolby-Surround system. As compared to the Concert Hall, reverberation time required for the Chamber Hall is lower, and thus it is easier to meet the necessary acoustic requirements. Inside the Hall in its top part above the stage there is a separate space for a carillon.

After dismantling of the auditorium, the Chamber Hall can offer a surprising number of functions.  The area of almost 500 square metres is perfect for organization of company meetings and smaller conferences (up to 150 persons). This space has already been used many times for fairs and exhibitions.  During large conferences, when the Concert Hall is used for plenary sessions, the Chamber Hall can be used as a catering and banquet zone.

The mobile wall that separates the Chamber Hall and the Concert Hall is a perfect background for light decorations and stage design.

In addition, after dismantling of the mobile wall, a space of the corridor that combines the two halls is opened, thus giving the next 60 square meters. Thanks to this procedure, a space is formed that allows to accommodate even 200 persons seated at round tables, offering them a space to dance and other forms of entertainment (e.g. culinary shows, small concerts in the background).


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