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Room specification

Number of spectators 882 seats
Area of ​​the auditorium 1012 m2
+ after combination with the Chamber Hall 1327 m2
number of spectators possible to accommodate after combination more than 1300
Stage area 600 m2
Stage window 225 m2


Multimedia projectors
A system of movable ceilings for adjusting acoustics
Air conditioning
Wireless microphones
Multichannel sound recording option
The ability to record a conference
Audio-video streaming

Hall functionality and layouts

The Concert Hall is a functional space, that can be adjusted to the needs of every event. This is possible thanks to: a mobile auditorium, a system of stage and proscenium trapdoors, mobile ceiling domes and a mobile wall. A part of the audience will be seated on three balconies: the main balcony and two side balconies (lower and upper). The system of mobile trapdoors allows for creation of a proscenium and an orchestrion and for free shaping of the stage. One of the trapdoors situated in the rear bay functions as a platform for transportation of stage design elements or decorations, directly to the area of the stage. Perfect acoustic properties of the hall are ensured by, among others, five mobile domes located on the ceiling, a two-sided mobile wall that absorbs/reflects sound, as well as the wall finish technology in the form of the so called Picado, which also has undeniable aesthetic value. In addition, the hall is equipped with a mobile band shell – for use in case of an orchestra concert on the stage  or of an orchestra accompanied by a choir. The hall is equipped with modern stage, sound amplification and lighting technology, with multimedia projectors, wireless microphones, a possibility of multi-channel sound recording, recording of conferences or audio-video streaming. The rear bay of the Concert Hall opens to the outside, allowing to organize outdoor events.

An option of dismantling of the auditorium allows for organization of  “standing” events. In this variant – in order to obtain greater space – there is also an option of combining the Concert Hall with the Chamber Hall.

The hall arrangement in this layout allows for making available the auditorium of the Concert Hall for 1206 seats in the following configuration: sectors I and II are flat without seats (550 standing places), sector III (excluded rows I, II, III due to limited visibility of the stage) – 406 seats, sectors IV, V, VI (balconies, 250 seats).


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Case study

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Kryształowy Jubileusz 15 lat Krajowej Spółki Cukrowej S.A.

19 December, 2018

Crystal Jubilee – a sweet method to succeed


19 December, 2018

The miners’ festival of St Barbara’s Day in the backstage

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